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and healthy, and meet your true Self."
- Tanmaya -
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"I declared to myself 'I must do this!'
So I contacted the Usui School Of Reiki in Devon and booked my place on the First Degree training weekend.
It has been a life changing journey and I'm still amazed by the power of Reiki."

Angela writes about the ongoing impact that Reiki continues to have on her life.

Recovering my voice

A while ago I lost my voice – for two months! The doctor gave me antibiotics but they did not work. The specialist at the hospital confirmed I had damaged my vocal chords and prescribed another medicine but it did not work. I gargled with sage, a renowned herbal remedy, but it did not work. Honey & cinnamon tasted lovely but it did not work. Although I had a physical symptom I now believed the cause was rooted elsewhere in my auric field and that Reiki could help me find the answers.

So after balancing each of my chakras with Reiki I did some Reiki Mental Healing, asking my body what was happening in my throat area. I was astonished to find that my cutting words, thrown like daggers in a fit of temper whilst in a fearful state were at the root of it and my angry feelings had not dissipated. We shared a dialogue, my body and I, and finally I realised that I should speak up for myself in matters that caused me concern, express myself clearly and listen to my self. 

Within two days my voice returned.

My sister

I have 2 sisters that live in the same town and work in the same place. But nobody knew they were sisters because for a long time they didn’t speak to each other. Each of them would tell me how much she missed her other sister but couldn’t talk to her about it as the problem was so deep. They both became so ill they were signed off work with stress.

Shortly after attending one of Tanmaya’s Reiki workshops, I went to visit one of my sisters who noticed the change in me, how calm I had become since practising Reiki. She asked if I would ‘do some’ on her so we did and she felt peace.

Several days later she phoned to say she still felt great and would be having more of this Reiki, which helped her recover enough to go back to work. A few weeks later my other sister asked if I would do the same for her and exactly the same thing happened; she phoned to say she still felt great after 4/5 days of Reiki treatment and wanted more.

She also recovered and went back to work. But the best thing about this story is that my sisters began talking to each other about their experiences of Reiki. So it did more than fix their physical, mental and emotional ailments, it brought them back together, it healed their relationship.

I am so grateful for the healing energy of Reiki and how it is able to work on many levels, including people and situations.

Tanmaya is a renowned healer, Reiki-Teacher, best-selling authoress and one of the pioneers of Reiki in western culture. Her six best-selling books have been translated into all the major world languages.

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Tanmaya shares her vision of a better world through her work as a spiritual teacher, Reiki-Master, healer and author. She still travels widely today, giving Reiki trainings, seminars, lectures, events and healing holiday retreats.

Tanmaya welcomes you to join her at a seminar, retreat, holiday group or on a training course. Courses and trainings are held in Reiki, Meditation, Healing the Heart and Healing through Touch and Intimacy, throughout the year in Germany, England and Corfu…

“This healing work invites you into presence, self-love & compassion, nourishing body, mind and soul.” Tanmaya