Tanmaya Healing: Reiki - Heart Healing - Meditation
"Discover that place within you, which has always been whole
and healthy, and meet your true Self."
- Tanmaya -

Heart Healing Seminars

Heart Healing

Unique seminars to help bring positive attitudes and solutions to problems and challenges.

You will learn how to “come down” from the head and to connect with the innocence of the body and the unconditional love and wisdom that lies within the heart.


From Head to Heart

Tanmaya has developed her own healing programmes based upon her experience helping people to understand their own emotional needs and knowing themselves better.
This healing journey has been refined into four modules, of which the first module is titled: “Healing the Emotions”.

Healing the Emotions

Experience more self-love, trust and joy in your life
This healing work encourages the development of self-love through activating the healing power of the heart. This opens a space in which we learn how to feel a feeling (giving it space) and to go through it. There is intelligence in you that want to be lived. Allow trusting yourself whoever you are.
You will learn exercises & treatment techniques supporting the energy of the heart. We also learn to encounter challenging situations in life, such as sudden impacts like illness, death of a loved one or similar life changing events with a positive attitude and better manage the myriad changes life brings.
All Attendees will receive a unique Healing Blessing helping to reconnect them to their essence, so healing can happen from the very centre of the being.

Healing Body, Mind & Soul

Gain more clarity, love and understanding

This seminar is about the balance between mind, body and soul. We learn to understand the power of the mind and how it interacts with the well-being of body, emotions and soul. Tanmaya will support you so your process of understanding and integration of many aspects in your life will deepen.
You will learn exercises and techniques which help to use the mind for healing in creative ways through visualisation and explore the healing power of affirmations. We use guided healing treatments and meditations helping you to enter deep relaxation: Relaxing first the body, then the mind and then the emotions and heart.

Healing & Blessings from the Soul

Receive Guidance, Harmony and Contentment

This seminar reconnects to the innocence and wisdom of the body, heart and soul. Through sacred chanting, guided meditations and healing exercises we will enter a higher level of consciousness; another dimension: the soul level. We will explore: “What is soul, how we can connect and how soul can heal”.
You will learn how to grow in spiritually creative ways using healing affirmations and the power of sacred sound (sound healing) through singing and chanting sacred “Mantras”. We will explore giving and receiving healing from heart & soul. In the light of awareness we learn how to encounter the soul as a divine aspect of ourselves.
All Attendees will receive a unique Healing Blessing helping to reconnect them to their own essence, so healing can happen from the very centre of the being.

Healing through Touch & Intimacy

Explore being 'in touch', in a safe and caring environment

Open up a space for healing to happen
Reconnect to the body, breath and heart
Allowing yourself to be 'in touch' opens up your natural flow of energy, re-intimating you with sensitivity, playfulness, joy, aliveness and sensuality.|
We will learn to use our hands as an extension of our hearts, which opens qualities such as intimacy, tenderness, closeness and trust. To touch, and to be touched, connects us with our fundamental nature. When we learn to relax our body and mind it allows us to contact and experience the deep love that we are.

Tanmaya invites you to explore touch and intimacy in a conscious way, connecting us to our bodies on a deeper level. This enables us to talk and listen to the body's own needs and wisdom and developing a deeper state of presence within ourselves.

Each seminar opens up our natural flow of energy, re-intimating us with sensitivity, playfulness, joy, aliveness and sensuality.

“Thank you Tanmaya for making it possible – I found great joy in seeing the change in people.” - Richard.

“Connecting with inner Peace: This exercise is a perfect way either to start or end your day. However you can also do it at times when you are feeling ill at ease with yourself for some reason, as the low humming sound harmonizes the heart centre and brings yon in contact with the love and peace that emanates from here.”
“Reiki for Emotional Healing” - by Tanmaya. Published 2006.

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“Healing always happens from the heart. It is a loving and accepting space we share.” - Tanmaya

“You think you are the body, the mind and the emotions but in reality, you are much more. (“Reiki for Emotional Healing”, by Tanmaya, Published 2006)