Tanmaya Healing: Reiki - Heart Healing - Meditation
"Discover that place within you, which has always been whole and healthy, and meet your true Self."
- Tanmaya -

Tanmaya's Books and Healing CDs

  • Reiki - A Gaia Busy Person's Guide

    Reiki - A Gaia Busy Person's Guide

    The perfect portable, easy-to-learn, easy-to-use healing system - your own hands. Simple to use wherever you are: at home, travelling, or in the office.

    Includes clear step-by-step instructions that can be adapted to any situation during your busy day.

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  • Reiki - Healing and Harmony through the Hands

    Reiki - Healing and Harmony through the Hands

    The perfect introduction to Reiki healing. This best selling book covers the history and theory behind Reiki from the personal experience of a Reiki Master-Teacher.

    Full of beautiful colour illustrations and practical instructions, it combines personal insights, quotes and case studies from reiki students.

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  • Reiki for Emotional Healing

    Reiki for Emotional Healing

    Reiki for Emotional Healing will help you tackle the widest possible range of emotional issues and provides you with the tools to improve relationships, as well as your own well-being.

    Teaching classic Usui Reiki hand positions this book allows you to help just about anyone – a fresh approach to relationship healing.

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  • The Complete Reiki Tutor

    The Complete Reiki Tutor

    The Complete Reiki Tutor is the one-step guide for practitioners, teachers and students.
    Providing an in-depth knowledge of Reiki, with the accompanying step-by-step techniques and hand positions for the three degrees.
    This book explains all you need to know about Reiki practice and how to use Reiki for physical and mental healing and spiritual growth.

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  • Inner Reiki

    Inner Reiki

    This book. refines a method that combines Reiki and meditation to create a powerful and highly personal tool, capable of enhancing intuitive powers and strengthening the healing life force within.

    Comprehensive and easy-to-follow, Inner Reiki has become an essential addition to every Reiki bookshelf as well as those on meditation, healing and self-development.

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  • The Power of Reiki

    The Power of Reiki

    Whether you are looking to ease the effects of chronic illness or would like to have more energy on a daily basis, the age-old wisdom of Reiki offers the help you seek.

    This book is a practical, beautifully illustrated introduction to traditional Reiki, and contains all you need to incorporate the tremendous healing power of this ancient art into your daily life.

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  • Reiki Wellbeing

    Reiki Wellbeing

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    Three short self-treatments, guided by Tanmaya.
    The music is especially designed for these treatments by Georg Deuter.

    • Enhancing wellbeing
    • Balancing Chakras
    • Sleeping well

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  • Heal Yourself With Reiki

    Heal Yourself With Reiki

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    This CD combines music and words to create a deeply relaxing environment in which to heal yourself.

    Use this CD to release tension in the body. Reiki will move you into a healing space.

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  • Inner Healing

    Inner Healing

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    Tanmaya's voice guides you into Reiki hand positions to lay on your own body, and explains the benefits of each hand position.

    The deeply touching mantra music, sung by Deva accompanies you on your journey within.

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